Online gambling sites are attracting investors as well as new players

Until the end of last decade, people were not sure about trusting online casinos. Some countries had even banned them. But gambling sites remained in the limelight due to people who managed to win millions by playing simple games like poker.

Last year, several banks and equity fund firms invested billions in the industry. Let’s take a look at some points to know more about the same.

CVC Capital’s big bet

In December 2014, London based private equity firm CVC Capital Partners surprised the world by purchasing a $1.25 Billion worth of stake in online gambling firm Sky Bet. This was the first good news for the online gambling industry that is always looked at with suspicion. Online gambling has been banned in certain countries, while some of them have very strict rules for gambling companies. So, most of the investors consider this industry as a risky bet. But the scene is rapidly changing. Online gambling industry is attracting a lot of private equity players. CVC’s investment has brought positive publicity for the industry as the brand is considered Euro’s largest private equity company.

Sky Bet was started by the UK’s famous broadcaster BSkyB in 2001, and the division is famous for casino and poker games. Even after the deal, Sky Broadcasting owns around 20 percent stake in Sky Bet.

Blackstone Group’s investment in Amaya

Amaya Gaming Group operates online gambling sites and physical gambling centers. Last year, the company decided to play a big hand by purchasing the world’s largest online gambling company called PokerStars. Financial experts were closely monitoring the situation to check Amaya’s source of funding. Everyone was surprised when equity firm Blackstone Group backed Amaya’s deal estimated to be worth $4.9 Billion. Some reports suggest that banks like Barclays and Deutsche Bank were also involved in this deal that was sealed in August 2014, and Blackstone’s investment is said to be around $1 Billion. Since then, the value of Amaya’s stocks has considerably increased.

Another impressive investment in gambling firm was made by New York based Apollo Global Management. The private equity firm has reportedly invested around $400 million in Caesars Entertainment’s parent company Caesars Acquisition Co. Experts were shocked and surprised during this deal, as Caesars was struggling before the deal, but the equity firm still decided to bet on a firm that was already a loss making asset for its parent company.

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