Learn more about the game mini-flush

Mini-flush is another version of the three card poker and it is played against the dealer with fifty-two decks of cards. 918kiss application made available for their users who use the application. In this game, the dealer deals three cards with face down to himself and all the players. The main objective of the game is to get a higher hand than the dealer’s hand to win the game in the first three cards that are dealt with you.

Rules to know before the start of the play.

In the mini flush game ranking of the cards remains the same as three-card poker. The highest one is with three aces. The lowest one is a sequence of five three and two which are unsuited. Unsuited means all three cards are of different symbols and different colours. The ranking process is different from other games which are from highest to lowest. The player starts the game by placing a bet on the ante bet which is also called the board bet. The player may also have chances to place bets on low and high also on the different betting options. After the placement of the bet, the dealer then deals the cards to the players and self.

After looking at the cards, the player has winning chances then the player can continue the game by choosing play on or if he doesn’t have winning chances he can choose the option fold which means the player wants to quit the game. If the player chooses the option play on then he has to place the bet amount equal to the amount that is placed in the ante bet on the top of the cards which are facing down. If the player wants to quit then he will lose the bet amount that is placed on the ante bet. Then the dealer reveals his cards. If he has the highest card then the dealer will win. Dealer qualifies with the queen-high and if you have an ace and straight combination then the player wins the additional amount that is equal to the amount that is placed on the ante bet. If any one of the players gets flush then the player will be awarded the amount if double that he has placed on the ante bet. The queen high should be required for the dealer to qualify for the game.