How to Get Started in Online Poker

Playing games completely different with playing direct with live games however the basic rules will be the same. Online we can find more number of websites to play, we have to choose proper website to play according to our own choice.

To play online Poker we have to follow by mainly choosing a poker room, creating account & funding account on mega888.

1: Choosing Poker room

Player should select according to choice, should choose a Poker room with the different types like beginners table, experienced like that.

Once we choose the Poker room they should go to next step.

2: Creating account

After choosing Poker room next coming to account creation in this player details should filled followed by

  • Person Name
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Email &Password details

3: Fund account

In this Funds can accept in different methods like as the most commonly poker rooms payment methods accept:

  • Checks
  • E wallets
  • Debit / Credit cards Prepaid cards
  • M.T. (Money transfers )

 End of this, I would like to say that choose the correct website through the hundreds of available website which are available online. According to our own suggestions or experts guidance, and start with beginners table. Most of Poker sites offer a beginners-only.

  • Start with free games or play virtual games before putting real money to play with multi-table. Learn something from every mistake while playing in beginners’ stage playing. Some time some browsers can available with browse software.
  • The Bets should be simple and value bets to max.
  • Should play as much as long sessions
  • Sometime do crazy swings & Careful while betting with no worries by balancing.


Most popular game in the Casino is poker all over the world. In this there are simple rules, plenty of offers to online players which give a lot fun, wonderful experiences and lot more entertainment.

When playing with real money risks are more and more times, so while playing on should be more cautious. You should concentrate to win more money by getting more bonuses from wed sites.

Players betting strait on number which should bet, Betting should split into vertical or horizontal numbers or should be at the corner.

While playing online poker it depends not only on luck but also requires the skills to win. Online there we can find multiple online casino games also. Some leading companies provide the software to play multi wheel Roulettes, slots too.