The Slot Machine And Ovo

Slot machines started off in the Wild West as mere novelties. Coins could be inserted which would activate the circular display and spinning indicator that came to rest on a pointer, where combinations of numbers, cards, pictures or even colors indicated the result. Charles August Fey, a Bavarian immigrant mechanic, invented this coin operated gambling machine in 1894, in San Francisco, California, USA, and named it Card Bell. With automatic cash payouts, this is a slot machine with three reels. The Card Bell had a handle that set the reels in motion. Horseshoes and Bells and Card Suits symbols were used on the reels to indicate results. The top payout or Jackpot was achieved when three Bells line up. While Slots were hugely popular after a scarred beginning in Europe, Online Slots started a Revolution in the world of Gambling that is ongoing even now. But financial transactions between the Real world and the Virtual World of the Internet proved tricky to combine. The birth of “PULSA” solved part of the problem, for Slot Deposits of small repeatable value deposits, but the larger problem remained. This has been solved to a large extent by the introduction of OVO in the gambling scene, and Slot Deposit OVO has taken over transactions for medium to large values.

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Does OVO Help?  

In American gambling houses, and later in the European Casinos, money transfer was easy. People walked in with pockets bulging with coins, grabbed a Slot Machine and obsessively played on till his pocket was empty (or refilled with Jackpot bounty). This was Real Money, and it could be counted by hand (or tossed). But with the advent of Online Slots, which worked on Virtual Money, the interfacing between the two worlds needed artificial constructs to solve. PULSA used single value plastic scratch cards with covered encoded numbers to ensure security for the deposit transactions. But, this was successful only for small value deals. Now Slot Deposit OVO has arrived, which is a digital platform for money transfers of medium to large value, and can take care of both ends comfortably, Deposits and Winnings.

 A Successful Partnership

Released only on 25th September, 2017, based in Jakarta, Indonesia, OVO is founded by the Lippo Group’s digital arm LippoX. The startling success of the App has left all competitors far behind, and OVO has now formed a real partnership with Online Slots, for both Deposits and Winnings.