How to play sevens aka fantan online?

Casino games are more interesting when you learn all about a specific game and how to make a win on it. There are so many casino games available all over the world. Sevens or fantan is one of the card games which is more easy to even play as a beginner. Do you already know how to play fantan or going to give a try on it? Visit sa-gaming which provides a big collection of various games for players including fantan.

A beginner can really make use of this article to learn how to play fantan online. They are as follows,

  • This game is a simple one which needs a 52 deck of cards where jokers are not going to be the part of the game. The remaining cards will be used for the game. Any number of players ranging between 3 to 8 can play this game. The 4 players game would be the best one to receive a decent number of cards in each player’s hand to start the game with. The first step of the game is to deal out the whole deck of cards equally on to the players hands. It doesn’t matter if some players have a card lesser than the others. It won’t make much difference in winning.

  • After each player has cards in their hands, any player who has a seven numbered card of any symbol can deal out the card. And the next player can deal out the same symbol of cards in the ascending or descending numbers until Ace since there are no jokers involved in the game. If for example, the spade 7 has reached number 10 on one side and 4 on the other side and you have only a single spade 2 card on your hand, you may have to pass the turn to the next player. You can deal up the spade 2 card only aftera spade3 card is filled in the array. Also you shouldn’t pass your turn to the next player to block him/her when you have the appropriate card that can be dealt out. Play a genuine game. The player who first deals out all the cards and has a empty hand will win the game.

This game is very simple and even a beginner can try out online in websites like sa-gaming which also provides many more games to try on.