Cheating at online poker is unheard of

In the past, there have been isolated cases of fraud on less accredited poker sites. A notable case was the Ultimate Bet fraud scandal, which greatly damaged the reputation of online poker.

Fortunately, online poker fraud is extremely rare. To date, there has not been a single case of fraud on a major online poker site. Fraud would be extremely difficult to handle because each hand is tracked by poker players using statistics tracking software.

If players won much more than they should (as it was in the Ultimate Bet a couple of years ago), the victory would be noticeable and stand out like a sore thumb. This is how the Ultimate Bet scammers were tricked.

In general, however, online poker is as safe as possible. I played judi deposit pulsa 10000 for many years and won thousands of dollars since I started, and they have never cheated on me. I always played fair games, my payments were always paid and my career was as expected.

Cheating at online poker is unheard of

But what about collusion?

When people hear that I am a professional online poker player, they invariably end up asking me: “Well, can’t a group of people just play at the same table and talk to each other on the phone and fool you with your money?” “

Of course, people can do this, but it won’t lead anywhere. First, every major poker site is equipped with security software that automatically scans every hand that is played at the tables and reveals signs of suspicious betting patterns.

For example, if a person receives KK and his friend receives AA, and the guy with KK discards without even putting a penny in the bank, the software marks this hand for verification by a security expert.

But even if this were not so, I wouldn’t have to worry about the online conspiracy. What is the worst thing that a couple of guys talking on the phone can do with me? What exactly will they do, knowing each other’s hands? I think if they were good, they could save some money by discarding cards when the other has a strong hand.


In general, online poker fraud doesn’t bother me. I gathered hundreds of thousands of hands-on tables and never noticed a suspicious image. The same can be said of any other online poker player. If there were a case of fraud, the entire poker community would create a lot of noise.