Casino games in South Korea: are there any?

Although Poker is new to this country, gambling or betting has been part of its culture for a long time. Badugi, a popular card game in Korea, plays a significant role in its roots of betting. The goal of this game is to make the lowest hand possible with each card coming from a different suit.

Betting for Koreans

Although foreigners are able to gamble in the country, that is not the case for locals. Koreans can only bet in lotteries, ToTo, horse races, powerboat races, and cycle races. There is only one casino in the country that allows Koreans to bet. The Kangwon Land Casino, opened in 2000, is open to both locals and foreign customers. It is where expatriates and Korean natives can play different casino games. Posting the biggest revenue of any casino in Korea, it entered the Forbes 2000 list of the world’s biggest public companies in 2016.


Gambling is a crime in South Korea, punishable by a fine of not more than five million Won. Habitual gamblers can end up with a prison sentence of three years or a fine of up to twenty million Won. For this reason, South Koreans tend to gamble while on vacation in other countries. They also prefer to enjoy online casino games such as Sweet Bonanza.

Casinos in Korea

There are around twenty casinos in the country. Most of them are part of hotel complexes catering to foreign customers. Almost half of them are on the island of Jeju where customers can enjoy the beautiful scenery. The first legal casino to open is Incheon Olympus Hotel Casino. People expect more casinos to open for business in the coming years.

Playing Online Slot Games

Live Poker venues

Poker Tours started to organize Live Tournaments in Korea in recent years. The most known ones were PokerStars Festival Korea and APPT Korea. Both happened at the Incheon Paradise City. Another one is the APT Korea Seoul which took place at the Grand Walkerhill Seoul. Locals were happy since they could take part in those. A significant event that put South Korea on the map is the Jeju Island stop of the popular Triton Super High Rollers. The first event of the World Poker Tour in Korea also played a role in introducing Korea to the Poker Industry. It happened in 2018 at Incheon Paradise City.

Online Poker

There are no specific laws against playing online Poker. But, South Korean companies cannot operate online Poker sites. The South Korean Government will go as far as they can. They even shut down Facebook social games to prevent Koreans from playing Poker. The restrictions did not stop Koreans from pursuing Poker and other casino games. There are foreign online casinos that offer different games such as Poker and Sweet Bonanza เว็บไหนดี.

The South Korean Government tries hard to shut down illegal gambling sites. They also look to block foreign sites. But many South Koreans are hip to technology. They can access these sites through virtual private networks.