The most important poker concept to win a lot of money

Losers abound. I heard that 90 percent of people who play poker end up losing. This means that 10% of players go ahead. Pretty sad, huh? Why do so many players lose?

The obvious answer is that most players have no idea what they are doing. They watch television, read books and think they are ready for a great moment. That is, until they lose half of their savings.

A more informative answer is that the vast majority of players do not understand the most important concept of the game. I see signs of this everywhere. Online, in card rooms, in tournaments: players of all skill levels make the same mistakes due to their inability to understand this unique principle.

This is not surprising, since I did not read this principle in books.

I read the current crop of books by today’s hottest authors. What I am going to tell you is missing in these books. But this is good news for you, because you are reading this article. If you study this concept and incorporate it into your game, you will be one step ahead of other players who study these books.

Situs QQ

Listen, now I’ll tell you about the most important poker concept you’ve studied. This is a critical concept that most players never understand or even know. Here it is: Your goal in a poker game is to WIN MONEY, NOT HANDS. That’s it. It sounds easy, right? Ludicrous, almost. Yes, this is an extremely simple concept, but almost nobody understands it.

Most people who play Situs QQ constantly try to win as many hands as possible. If you doubt what I am saying, look at the poker table in some way. The players are desperately trying to knock down these little banks, and they are fighting proudly when they scrape a few chips in their direction. Then comes the big pot. They invest a lot of money in it and lose.

Most of today’s players, who participate in the distribution, consider their outs and count their pot odds, as they see on television. They consider the relative stack size and perform a psychoanalysis of their opponents. Their minds work overtime to think like commentators on television.

There is no prize for winning most hands.

The goal of the poker game is to earn as much money as possible. A good player can play in a few small banks, but he is waiting for his moment. Then he defeats the monster. He may have won fewer pots than other players, but he goes home with the most money. This is the player you want to be.