Rake back Bonus

The rules of rake back are very similar to the first deposit bonus. However, rake back is not included in the time frame, and there is no limit to the size of such a bonus. Rake back is simply a refund of part of the commission paid to the poker room. It is usually from 10% to 35%, but there are unofficial offers that return the player up to 100% of the paid rake. These, however, apply to well-known and good players, with whom networks and poker rooms negotiate individually. Rake back is always paid out for a given billing period. It is usually one week (Full QQ Online or one month (poker network). The poker room calculates the sum of commissions generated by the player and then transfers the percentage of rake back to their poker account.

QQ Online

Loyalty points and shops 

We collect loyalty points in almost all poker rooms. We get them for playing at real money tables and participating in rake tournaments. Points are simply another illustration of the commission paid to poker rooms that want to reward the most loyal players. Points can be spent in stores. We can buy tournament tickets for them, get a cash refund on our account, or buy some poker gadgets – clothes, tokens, cards, books, etc. The wealth of the store obviously depends on the size of the poker room. For example, at Poker Stars, you could buy QQ Online for points at a time, which was used by several players. Despite the fact that poker rooms tempt us with their promotions and bonuses, we must not forget that nothing is for free. For example, if we just want to play with a deposit of $ 10 or $ 20, then there is no point in following the bonus criterion. They require in-game stability. Most of them make sense when we spend several hours a day on the game, while for recreational players, they are only a simple marketing lure. To sum up, the topic of choosing a poker room, let’s follow first of all common sense, high bonuses from the first deposit is a tempting proposition, but it will be difficult for beginners to use them completely. Operator integrity is paramount. The speed of deposits and withdrawals is also one of the top criteria – here are ruled by the world’s largest poker rooms that withdraw cash within a few minutes on electronic wallets. The level prevailing at the poker room is also very important for novice players because no one wants to deposit $ 50 to play half an hour and give everything to professionals. Players who do not speak English should also pay attention to the availability of software in French and help in French classification have French as standard. Also, service personnel speaks French, so there is no difficulty in contacting the bottom bracket when we have a problem.