Playing Cara Ceme Online – Tips To Follow

The biggest jackpot game online is referred to as the dealer or gambling game online with the big cards. The game is actually included in a category of card games that players can play anywhere.  Tips for playing cara main ceme online are simple too! There is no wonder why so many people love playing this game. You can get two choices from the game. That will be the bookie or a player. 

How Is The Winner Determined?

Every casino player online knows that the domino games are simple to learn and play. So, all you need to do is just add dots on both the cards to get a total number. The total value (or hand strength) will be between zero that is a weakest, to 9 that is a strongest. Suppose say the total value is above 9, then total current value must be deducted from ten. However, if the value is above 19, then existing value must get deducted from 20.

cara main ceme

Say for example, total value of 2 cards comes to seven but dealers’ value is four, then you are the winner. However, if dealer has total value of seven and you have 4, then dealer wins the game. If there is a draw, then banker wins this game. If you hold the card value of nine then dealer has the lesser value, then dealer may need to pay double your wagered amount to you. Or, if dealer has a value of 9 & you have less, then you will lose an amount you placed as the bet.

Domino cara main ceme is the simple online game, however, you need to remember that player who’s highly knowledgeable on how this game works, the player has more benefit.  This method is done by our opponents in the game. The normal thing is your opponent generally has the good heart, and he may act relaxed and wait for the bluff from you. 


So, you also have to know where you can get the hands on opponent. It is tough to learn though, but don’t randomly bully your opponents. You need to focus more on the game and it is highly important. Patience is very important when playing this game. You need to stay patient while waiting for the opponent’s movements of play. Because if you’re impatient, then things may happen beyond your expectations