Online Casino Industry and Its Timeline

Compared to land-based casinos where you need to visit the place, and bringing a significant amount of cash in your bag, an online casino is more convenient than that.

For you to play in an online casino platform like judi online, all you need is money from the bank. Online casino platforms will request you to deposit a specific amount of cash to be transferred from your online casino account. Plus, the payment option is most online casinos are versatile. You may use these payment methods when transferring:

  • Credit cards or debit cards
  • Wire transfers
  • eWallets
  • cryptocurrency
  • and other banking options

Today, this article will discuss to you the history and timeline of the online casino industry.

1994 – The Birth of Online Casino 

In 1994, in the land of Antigua and Barbuda, the government had passed the Free trade and Processing Zone Act. This law becomes a stepping stone for the birth of online casinos. Most of the online casino operators these days were working under their license and made them available under this law.

Therefore, the land of Antigua and Barbuda became a haven for online casino operators. Before, Antigua and Barbuda don’t have a growth in the economy, but it changed when online casinos became a reality.

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1994 January – The Introduction of Microgaming

Microgaming is the first developing software that created the first-ever online casino game in history. It became a benchmark developing provider of the most famous and top of the line casino software nowadays.

1995 – The Cryptologic 

They developed the first eCashand gaming application. Cryptologic headquarters are located at Dublin, and their primary goal is to create a software that is reliable enough to provide tight security to all online cash and financial transactions.

1996 – The Birth of InterCasino 

Intercasino went online and claiming there was the first online casino to run publicly. They accepted real money, and all the financial transactions were guaranteed safe from thieves and hackers using the software from Cryptologic.

1997 – Online Server were Installed 

The first online server system was installed in Antigua and Barbuda since this place did not hold any strong opinions against online gambling.

1999 – The Introduction to the Public 

Since its first run in 1996, the online casino industry gained $1000 million in revenue. Because of that huge revenue, many legislative also offer licenses to various online casino operators. Boss Media released the newly developed online casino which allowed multiple players to take part and interact with the game simultaneously.

2000 to 2019 – The Success

Due to its consistent success, the online casino became more popular not only in the land of Antigua and Barbuda but in the whole world. With the help of advanced technology, many convenient tools and options also introduced to make online casinos as one of the best gambling forms in the whole world.