Online Casino Bonus for high value

Online casinos provide bonuses to encourage their clients.  Various types of bonuses are available, and they are designed to meet the needs of the clients so that they can have more wagering power than before. Check below for the various bonuses that you can enjoy on online casino platforms. Some casinos give all the bonus types, while some other ones do not.

Welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is for newly registered members. They can be given the bonus immediately they successfully register on the casino platform; at other times, they are required to deposit before they can receive the bonus. The bonus given in such an instance will increase as the initial deposit increases. Other names given to welcome bonus include sign-up bonus, new player bonus and first deposit bonus. To know more, listen here to the details given.

No deposit bonus

As its name implies, you will be given this bonus even before you make your first deposit. However, it is a one-time offer. With this bonus, you can try out a new casino game or wager on many of the other games.  However, individual wagering with no deposit bonus may only be allowed to wager on a limited number of games.

Monthly deposit bonus

It is given on a monthly basis, and the amount you will get depends on our wagering activities from the previous month. The monthly bonus can be up to 100% most times. The monthly bonus can also be referred to as loyalty bonus or reload bonus. The amount deposited by the client during the previous month can determine how much you can receive as a bonus.

Payment method bonus   

The payment method via which you deposited money into your online casino account can also attract a bonus. Many of the online casinos prefer that you use a particular method to deposit money into your account with them and they will give you a particular amount as bonus depending on how much you deposited. Such bonuses are usually attached to web payment methods.

High roller casino bonus

This type of bonus is reserved for clients that deposit a lot of money and those that wager a lot of money each time they play. They are considered for this special bonus since 100% bonus on first deposit may not be enough to whet their appetites for risk.  Additionally, the amount you can get depends on your deposit and wager amounts.

Refer a friend

This is yet another type of bonus reserved for those who refer their friends to register with the online casino. Each client is provided with a unique affiliate URL, and the client is given a bonus if anyone registers an account with the online casino via that link. However, the bonus is not given until the friend makes a deposit.


Each online casino offers one form of bonus or the other, but each of them is attached to certain terms and conditions.